Thalidomide and Covid19: two parallel stories

Blog post by Marica Micallef

In the early 1960s, a new drug called “Thalidomide” was introduced and it came with the guarantee that it could be “given with complete safety to pregnant women and nursing mothers without any adverse effect on mother and child”.

At the time, thousands of women around the world were reassured by their doctors to take the drug thalidomide as a treatment for morning sickness. Little did they know that they will be faced with babies born with catastrophic disabilities. While the pharmaceutical company which created it stayed silent, its pockets were being filled with money. This drug led to at least 90,000 miscarriages, and over 10,000 children were born with severe deformities. Mothers at the time were even told that their deformed babies might not survive infancy. Thankfully, some survived.

Will the Covid-19 vaccine repeat history?

This short documentary depicts the true story of one of these deformed children, now an adult, Lisa McManus who was born in 1963 and is one of Australia’s youngest survivors. She talks exactly about this and she is leading a group who have taken their fight to Canberra’s Parliament House, in a last-ditch battle for recognition, compensation, and an apology.

I ask the readers to watch it and start realizing, that it has never been about health, since the beginning of time. They just made us believe so. Even the teaching of science and medicine was partially manipulated so we are made to believe that what we are being taught is right and that we should never question it.

In a world where it has been widely accepted nowadays that pregnant women shouldn’t take any medication unless it’s absolutely necessary, isn’t it time to question the taking of the Covid-19 vaccine by pregnant women?

Isn’t it time that we question whether government-forced medical experimentation at the behest of a corrupt pharmaceutical industry which has been turned into just a money-making machine, is being truly done for the safety of a nation?

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