One has to feel sorry for Daphne’s parents for having been dragged by Repubblika in such a big mess.

One has only admiration for Mr. and Mrs. Vella, Daphne’s parents, who in the heatwave, like today, attended a political activity under the guise of Daphne’s memory. Unfortunately, Daphne’s memory is being misused and abused to the extent that it has been manipulated by unscrupulous methods and a lack of respect for Daphne’s aging parents and her memory.

Repubblika, Occupy Justice and Manuel Delia are now calling out the Police Commissioner not to drag his feet on cases of corruption and obstruction of justice. But what about Daphne’s murder? Why did Matthew Caruana Galizia call the chief investigator, Keith Arnaud, his hero? Is it not the responsibility of Keith Arnaud to investigate all those involved? If the reason of her murder, was, as it is being claimed, corruption and obstruction of justice, it falls under his remit to investigate them. Why hasn’t he investigated all those named in Melvin Theuma’s recording?

It has taken two hundred weeks for the police to arraign only one mastermind and three hitmen and three suppliers and accused them of this murder. One has admitted his involvement and has been sentenced. The rest are still ongoing cases. However, as time passes, it is becoming obvious that the police have not arraigned the true mastermind or masterminds behind this murder.

It is now clear that there is something wrong in the whole investigation and the man leading the team of investigators has been described by Matthew Caruana Galizia as his hero. The chief investigator was on this case from day one!

So, if Matthew Caruana Galizia is happy, why are Manuel Delia, the Archbishop’s Scicluna tribunal chancellor Alessandra De Crespo, Occupy Justice, Repubblika and the rest of the bella compania questioning the Commissioner of Police? Are they trying to imply that the Commissioner of Police is interfering in the work of the chief police investigator in this case? They have already got rid of two of the police commissioners and two assistant commissioners. Are they aiming at other changes in the police force?

Certainly, we need to see less of these useless parades in Valletta, which are doing more harm than good to the investigations, given that the family is happy with Arnaud and his team. These parades are only serving to give Malta a bad name.

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