Further proof that the assistant editor of the Times of Malta has lied

In his right of reply, the assistant editor of the Times of Malta, Matthew Xuereb wrote and I quote:

“Regarding John Borg il-Paddy, my only encounter with him was at the counting hall during elections and I only learnt his name from your post.”

Matthew Xuereb stated this in response to my article wherein  I wrote that there is a fake profile of Marika Galea using the email address mattxue2@mail.com. When I found out that this fake profile corresponds to someone linked to the Times of Malta, whosoever is behind this fake profile uploaded a photo of John Borg known as il-Paddy and myself as part of this fake profile picture.

From my end, I contacted John Borg (il-Paddy) who was taken aback that Matthew Xuereb, the assistant editor of the TOM denied knowing who il Paddy alias Mr. John Borg is.

Mr. John Borg informed me that “I worked for 28 years with the Times of Malta”. Continuing to say that he knew Matthew Xuereb for 10 years, adding that Matthew Xuereb is all out in support of all those civil organizations that are against Adrian Delia.

So this is all quite disconcerting because there is another twist to Mr. Matthew Xuereb version of not knowing this Mr. John Borg, a former employee of the Times of Malta.

It also appears that Mr John Borg (il-Paddy) was in the news after being targetted and accused by Nationalist MP Jason Azzopardi and this matter was actually covered by the Times of Malta!

After having posted Matthew Xuereb’s Right of Reply on my page, Mr. Paul Borg wrote that it is strange that Matthew Xuereb never met John Borg when he worked at the Times of Malta. John Borg replied, agreeing with him, telling Paul Borg that when he worked at the Times of Malta, he had many a discussion with Matthew Xuereb.

Therefore, it is no coincidence that the so-called Marika Galea uploads a photo –  since removed – showing me and a former employee of the TOM in front of Dar Ċentrali nor is it a coincidence that in his right of reply Matthew Xuereb, the assistant editor of the TOM, took the trouble to state that he got to know that il-Paddy’s name was John Borg through me when in my article I maintained that there is a relationship between MattXuereb2@mail.com and Marika Galea. Clearly, my fleeting reference to Mr. John Borg in my article of approx 700 words annoyed Mr. Xuereb.  

Mr. John Borg also affirms that Matthew Xuereb not only knew him, but there were occasions when they even spoke together! To prove his case, Mr. John Borg left the following comment on that same stream of chats on my Facebook group page:

I have met Matthew Xueureb many times on the premises of The Times. Moreover, he was the shop steward of Allied Group and I was the shop steward of the Progress Press.”

I rest my case.

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