Two of Repubblika’s supporters in journalism make use of fake photos stolen from Russian profiles

In my previous articles on this site, I have shown that BugM – the person with a Twitter account – is one and the same person who had an account on Facebook under the name of Mark Bugeja. BugM is an anagram of Mark Bugeja. In the meantime, after I exposed who is behind the fake Facebook Account of Marika Galea, this fake Facebook account of Mark Bugeja was closed down.

Here I am showing that both BugM and Mark Bugeja make use of Russian accounts. Mark Bugeja used a portrait photograph that was taken from a Russian Facebook account. Hereunder is the proof of what I am stating.

But what is interesting here, is that this photo which appears on this Russian Account has been stolen from another Russian individual who is 61 years old. This person really exists and his photograph too was stolen and is used in this Russian Account, which eventually ended up on the pseudo account that was being used by Mark Bugeja.

I have already revealed that Mark Bugeja has stolen an account of a dead person from Sliema. He inserted these photos from this Russian account into his account in Malta that belonged to the dead person from Sliema. There is no doubt that this is not the work of an amateur. This is the work of a professional fraudster. This has now proved to be correct, to the extent that “Mark Bugeja” closed his account.

This is not the sole fake profile on Facebook, whose owner is making use of Russian photos. I am here referring to Marika Galea. This account has an email address and in turn, this email address is linked to the Times of Malta domain through the email address This was the old picture profile of Marika Galea.

Yesterday, I revealed that this fake profile of mattxue2, which is linked to the Times of Malta, writes in tandem with Mark Bugeja and BugM. Moreover, Mark Bugeja made use of photos from a Russian Account. After I exposed that Marika Galea was making use of Russian photos, like her friend Mark Bugeja, she took the step to change her profile photo.

This goes to prove that both Mark Bugeja and Marika Galea were writing in parallel besides the fact that both come from the field of journalism and both of them are supporters of Repubblika.

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