The CSN wants to hi-jack the Nationalist Party

It is now clear that, with its actions, the Civil Society Network wants to replace what is considered as a tottering PN. The CSN has posted on a Facebook page the question as to which organization should replace the faltering PN. This is a rhetorical question that goes to show that the Civil Society Network is admitting that its strategy has failed abysmally. 

In itself, this is an admittance, that Civil Society has failed in its strategy. One needs to consider that this organization was at the fore proposing Bernard Grech to replace Adrian Delia. Yet now we have this self-confession that Bernard Grech is faltering. In brief, Bernard Grech is going to lose.

Therefore, the Civil Society Network is asking the obvious question that any political organization should be asking at the moment. Who or which organization will take over?

CSN is acknowledging that the group does not have the wits nor the cash to build a new political party. To set one up would be too onerous. It does have a few businessmen giving their support but this is not enough to enable it to generate a new party. 

Nevertheless, there is an alternative that I am sure is what the Network is contemplating. Its option would be to attain a silent takeover of the PN. But the PN can never be taken over. CSN does have cronies within the PN who, wanting a free ride, are pushing this theory and agenda. Hence, it is intent on imposing its own agenda by dictating to others what to do. With CSN’s politics of hatred, its members are hoping to destroy everybody within the Nationalist Party salvo themselves!

Yet the CSN faces one serious hitch. It does not have the support of the Nationalist Party’s rank and file.  

Instead of enhancing local politics, with its scatter-brained and dangerous political ploys and innate politics of hatred, the CSN has only succeeded in destroying the NP.

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