Matthew Caruana Galizia’s character assassination of Yorgen Fenech

A few days ago, Manuel Delia wrote an article, after he took offence to the fact that I highlighted the inconsistencies in the evidence given by Matthew Caruana Galizia. Perhaps Delia may not be aware of how mafia trials work. When the Mafia wanted to incriminate Enzo Tortora, witnesses were presented but their testimony was eventually deemed as inconsistent by the Italian Supreme Court.

But let me move to another inconsistency stated by Matthew Caruana Galizia in his testimony under oath. As I stated elsewhere, I found it odd that someone, who was conditionally discharged in our courts for using drugs, mentioned Yorgen Fenech’s drug problem. But what is worse is that what Matthew states does not reflect the reality of the situation.

The newspapers reported that under oath, Matthew Caruana Galizia stated that Yorgen Fenech was making use of drugs while allegedly involved in Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder. When Caruana Galizia made this statement, the media reported that Yorgen Fenech reacted in court out loud that this was not true.

In fact, Yorgen Fenech never made use of any type of drug before the end of 2018. The media picked up what Yorgen uttered during Matthew Caruana Galizia’s testimony on Tuesday, 27th July. Fenech interrupted Matthew Caruana Galizia to deny what Matthew was saying about him and drug use before or right after the murder in 2017.

Incidentally, whether he was convicted or not in America, is nobody’s business, as would similarly be the case of other drug users, including Matthew Caruana Galizia. All have a right to be forgotten. In Yorgen Fenech’s case, what can be stated as fact is that the American Courts never sent Fenech to prison so much so that he was allowed to receive treatment at a specialized rehabilitation centre without any problems.

America, is a country that takes drug trafficking very seriously and there are also stiff laws against substance abuse, in particular when it comes to foreigners as is well documented. It would be inconceivable to allow a foreigner on such a charge to get off scot-free. Or is the USA expected to have sent Fenech to prison simply to please the Caruana Galizias? Well, they did not send him to prison and that is a fact which Matthew conveniently overlooks but can be easily verified. 

However, true to his style, Matthew Caruana Galizia brought this up deliberately leaving out the salient point, simply to launch his character assassination spree against Fenech.

But once again those calling out for rule of law appear to be overlooking, whether deliberately or through sheer ignorance, the fact that according to Law, the Court cannot allow any person to make attributions, while in the witness box. It is for the Police to present the appropriate witness and the correct documentation but witnesses are not allowed to make arbitrary statements or declarations that mudslinging and sully the character of an accused.

It seems that our Courts are not setting a good example. They are willing to ignore procedure and thus are themselves breaking the law.

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  1. The court was always with the VIP lads who are not was always put in Prison,this is the Maltese corrupted Courts.

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