Conflicting messages about the jab to pregnant women? Where does the truth lie?

Blog post by Marica Micallef

Back in April 23rd, the Times of Malta reported that “pregnant women in Malta are still not offered the COVID-19 vaccine” after “Health Minister Chris Fearne confirmed the Maltese authorities will not yet be changing their position on the matter”. He said:

“Malta follows advice from the European Medicines Agency and would continue to do so.”[1]

In addition, “To date, the FAQs page states that pregnant women are not encouraged to take the jab at this stage as pregnancy-specific data does not yet exist.[2]

But, The Times of Malta, in a recent article dated August 4th, reported that “on Sunday, the Malta College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists sent out different signals, strongly advising pregnant women to consider the Pfizer virus vaccine after their 12th week and following consultation.”  This saw a change in position from these said doctors, who “had previously stated that only women with a high risk of exposure to the virus, or with high-risk medical conditions, should be offered the vaccine, in line with the health authorities.” Now, in a matter of few months, they have revised their position, stating that all pregnant women are to take the Covid-19 vaccine, after following the British Health Authorities “drive to encourage pregnant women to get vaccinated.[3]

Disorganised, organised confusion? Where does the truth lie?  Definitely, we have the local health authorities who are following the European Medicines Agency while the local obstetricians and gynaecologists are following the British Health Authorities. How can pregnant women feel safe with all these contradictory messages?

Adding to this confusion, a statement was issued a day later, when on August 5th, the Times of Malta reported that Fearne has announced that “pregnant women who are in their second and third trimester (13 weeks onwards) are now encouraged to take the vaccine unless told otherwise by their doctor” because, according to Fearne, “Data on the vaccines evolves. Initially, we did not have any evidence and so the advice was to avoid taking the vaccine. Now, it SEEMS that the risks of not getting vaccinated are higher than if you take it,” he said.[4]

The verb “seems” shows that nothing is certain. The rhetoric has changed in a matter of 5 months. In the meantime, we have no proof as to the health impact these covid-19 vaccines can have on mothers-to-be and the new life they are blessed to carry in their wombs.

The Covid-19 vaccine is rushed up science whose aim is to fill pockets with billions.





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