Times journalist Matthew Xuereb suggested to Julian Hofstra to drop his lawyers

This site can reveal that some months ago, the Times journalist Matthew Xuereb sent messages to Julian Hofstra to ask him about his legal representatives and his recordings. According to what has been reported in the local press, Julian Hofstra has recordings that are connected to Melvin Theuma and the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

As a journalist, one can understand that one would like to get hold of these recordings. But in the case of Matthew Xuereb, the issue is clearly not just Hofstra’s recordings but also about his lawyers.

At the end of this WhatsApp conversation, Matthew Xuereb asked Julian Hofstra about his lawyers, Charles Mercieca and Gian Luca Caruana Curran. And he specifically suggests that Hofstra should drop them.

Why is Matthew Xuereb interested in Julian Hofstra’s lawyers? On whose behest did he actually contact Hofstra particularly regarding the lawyers?

Matthew Xuereb asked Hofstra about his lawyers ….who represent you  [Hofstra] here in Malta too???  When Hofstra confirmed with a yes, Matthew Xuereb replied and I quote:

“I would have stayed away from them since they’re representing YF. But your choice”.

Why should a journalist tell somebody to stay away from Mercieca and Caruana Curran because they are representing Yorgen Fenech?

It should be remembered that the Times had stated that it has no agenda against Yorgen Fenech. Clearly, from this WhatsApp chat, the Times has an agenda. Matthew Xuereb is a seasoned journalist.  He is also Assistant Editor of the Times and is President of the Institute of Maltese Journalists.  

I hope that Matthew Xuereb will be able to explain why he suggested to Hofstra to drop his lawyers?  What is the true reason that Xuereb does not want Julian Hofstra to be represented in Malta by Charles Mercieca and Gian Luca Caruana Curran?

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