My Reply to BugM

BugM has taken the trouble to read my articles and has tweeted once again – this time calling me a moron – and explaining to me how to unearth the hidden text. Unfortunately, it is the trademark of the Caruana Galizias, the Repubblika brigade and also some other journalists to resort to insults when frustrated at being caught out red-handed.  

Interestingly, he has not denied his connection with Matthew Caruana Galizia as I mentioned in my previous article. He explains to me how to go about finding or tracing missing texts. Saying that all one needs is to upload an Acrobat reader. BugM continues explaining in detail how this can be done. I must therefore thank BugM for giving me this guidance for future reference.  Nevertheless, this in no way alters the scenario that I outlined in my previous writing.

Indeed, his reply goes on to further confirm that in order to unearth the missing pages, he or she must also have had inside information. It is quite farfetched to attempt to make one believe that discovering the missing pages was purely accidental and that no manumitting was involved.  As correctly stated by Jason Azzopardi the one page allegedly missing per combinazione concerned Electrogas. Clearly, Matthew and BugM have no interest in the other two alleged missing pages. I ask myself why?   Once again I thank BugM for revealing and explaining the hidden mechanisms. Overall, this highlights that there is something rotten in the state of Denmark. 

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