My reply to Manuel Delia: “you have a problem with historical accountability”

Manuel Delia has again reacted to my blogs which according to him are not being read.  This time it was about a blog which was entitled “Il-Partit Nazzjonalista ma jridx ikollu x’jaqsam ma’ Manuel Delia” (The Nationalist Party gave the cold shoulder to Manuel Delia). Manuel Delia reacted to this article and I quote:

Therefore, according to Manuel Delia, I started the myth that Daphne Caruana Galizia was one of the reasons for the electoral defeat of 2013. How does he know that I started such a myth? Can he prove it? I can prove that I did not start any myth. In 2013, I was asked by the Nationalist Party to form part of a commission to analyse the electoral defeat. I was not even the chair of that commission. It was headed by Dr. Ann Fenech who did a brilliant job. The other members were Malcolm Custo’, Marianne Lauri and Rosette Thake. The report was endorsed unanimously. It was based on factual information and each point that was mentioned in this report had been confirmed by three independent and separate sources.

The report expressed what Nationalists considered the reasons for the 2013 electoral defeat. Daphne was one of the causes. There is no need to reiterate that the methodology used for drawing up such a report was scientific and called PESTLE.

Therefore, I don’t know how Manuel Delia concludes that I am the cause or the person who began such a myth. This goes to show the type of analysis this man is capable of formulating; one that is neither scientific nor politically correct.

What I can say, and have repeatedly said so, is that the Nationalist Party decided to ignore the report. Daphne Caruana Galizia and her family were roped in to plan the electoral campaign for the Nationalist Party in 2017. The result was that the PN lost dismally. Manuel Delia should also bear in mind that the PN, under Simon Busuttil, did not have the courage, to commission a report on why the PN suffered such a bad electoral defeat. I have no doubt that had this been done, the name of Daphne Caruana Galizia would have emerged again as one of the main causes of the electoral defeat of 2017.  

Unfortunately, after this debacle, Daphne Caruana Galizia did not call it a day. She decided to start attacking the new leader of the PN Adrian Delia, despite the fact that Adrian Delia was elected by popular vote from among the registered paid members of the PN.

Daphne succeeded in bringing down Adrian Delia. Her tragic death was used as a motive by Adrian Delia’s political enemies within the party so that he was removed as leader of the Nationalist Party. Meanwhile, he has been replaced by a new leader who is considered close to the supporters and followers of Daphne. And what is the result today?

All surveys indicate that the PN is going to lose the forthcoming election despite the fact that Labour has already been in power for two terms and is immersed in many of the ongoing scandals. Those politicians, who had been dancing to Daphne’s agenda are responsible for the fact that the PN can no longer make headway in local politics.

If Manuel Delia cannot discern the obvious; that is his problem. However, he does have a problem with historical accountability.

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