Is it true that Covid19 boosters are going to be administered from this September?

Blog post by Marica Micallef

In this article, I will cover the topic of the boosters which was discussed by Health Minister Chris Fearne in the interview he had with the Times of Malta on the topic of the boosters.[1]

It is interesting that in this interview, Dr. Fearne admits that the current vaccines might not work against new variants and that then, a booster will be needed. Didn’t he already say that the government has ordered boosters for autumn, which has been confirmed in an article by CDE news?[2] This article quotes another article published on 10th May this year by The Times of Malta entitled “Covid-19 vaccine boosters already on order – Chris Fearne”[3] So why did you order boosters, Dr. Fearne? Do you already know that they will be needed? I am pretty sure that the government won’t just waste public money in buying boosters it won’t need at the end of the day!

And this statement is contrary to what Profs Gauci had stated in one of those “Ask Charmaine” articles of the Times of Malta, whereby she said and I quote: “What has been shown so far is that if a person receives a full course of vaccination, then there’s enough protective immunity in the body to protect against severe disease, even from these variants.”[4]

Here I would like to draw the attention of the public to a comment I came across on Facebook that confirms that boosters will start to be administered in September to those who took the vaccine. The comment, translated in English (for the benefit of foreign readers) would read as follows:

A relative of mine went to her dentist last week, who told her that if she is not vaccinated, she cannot be treated. Fine. Her clinic and her rules. She logged into the system to verify that my relative has had all her vaccines since my relative took both doses and the dentist told her ‘You have another dose in September’. My relative took this by surprise because this is not to her knowledge, and it took her double by surprise since she works in the health sector. This means that boosters will be given every 6 months and no one is publishing this”.

Can the local health authorities confirm or negate this? Is it true that boosters are already booked in the system, without the knowledge of the people in question? Can the local health authorities be transparent on this matter? Transparency was a word vouched by Dr. Fearne. Can Health Minister Fearne inform the vaccinated public that they will be obliged to take a booster in September, and God knows for how many more often after this? Can Dr. Fearne start being transparent?





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