The concerns of the anti-vaxxers are starting to feature in The Malta Independent.

Today, I referred to an article published in The Times by Jean Karl Soler about Covid19. Jean Karl Soler is a medical doctor who expressed some reservations about the government’s policies regarding Covid19 measures. This site featured Soler’s podcasts on the subject.

But The Times is not alone in its glasnost policy towards those who are sceptical about this whole business of Covid19. Today, even The Malta Independent carried an article that is not the usual run of the mill. Finally, this newspaper started giving space to other viewpoints. The concerns of the anti-vaxxers are starting to feature in all the mainstream media in Malta.

In this article of The Malta Independent, it is specifically stated that the vaccinated can carry as much virus as others – meaning that they are prone to transmit the virus as much as the non-vaccinated. But is this not what Marica Micallef has been stating in her blogs published on this site? This contradicts what Dr. Fearne and the Superintendent of Public Health have been stating all along putting the blame on the non-vaccinated for the increase in the number of Covid19 cases that we have had in the past weeks.

For months, this site has been the only news portal giving space to the anti-vaxxers. The mainstream media used to frown and criticize this site for publishing articles that were critical of what was being officially stated about the virus and the indiscriminate use of the Covid19 vaccines.

Now the concerns of the anti-vaxxers are being presented even in The Malta Independent. All this proves that this whole issue of Covid19 has been capitalized out of all proportions.


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