Who is the sad man? Me or Anthony Buttigieg?

A chap, by the name of Philip Incorvaja put up a post to ask why I haven’t spoken out or expressed my opinion on the report of the public inquiry. Here is Mr. Incorvaja’s post  

Unlike the Leader of the Opposition and the mainstream media, particularly the Times of Malta, I am not in a privileged position to obtain a full copy of the public inquiry before it is even made public. I have to wait for it to be published to know what it contains.

A person, by the name of Anthony Buttigieg commented beneath Mr. Incorvaja’s post. Normally I don’t comment on any post aimed at ridiculing me. But this time Buttigieg’s comment cannot be ignored. Dr. Buttigieg is a medical doctor. He calls me a sad man. I don’t know how he reached this conclusion. What impertinence. Dr. Buttigieg was the leader of the PD. If there is a man who should be sad, that is Dr. Buttigieg because he is a big failure in politics.

As a private citizen, I enjoy posting these blogs for whosoever would like to read them. My only regret re politics is to have accepted Dr. Anthony Buttigieg’s invitation to visit his home to discuss politics over a glass of wine! Today, I consider that meeting a sheer waste of time.

Nevertheless, what I do know Dr. Buttigieg is that when the PD followed my advice, it became the first small party, after 1962 to have succeeded to have two deputies elected to the Maltese Parliament. Furthermore, that advice was given to the PD for free, and to make it clear, I never expected payment. In those days, I was not considered sad or pathetic. Eventually, the PD, under your stewardship, wanted to take another route – and it had every right to do so – and the party was doomed to a massive political failure. This is really sad or pathetic. According to the last surveys, it is obvious that the PD will disappear from the Maltese political scene. 

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