Labour has nothing to lose by apologizing

Prime Minister Robert Abela should have followed the American model. The Americans never apologize for their government’s actions or failures. The same is done by the Russians. It is the European left, who pushes the idea that governments should apologize. But apologize for what in this case?

Robert Abela decided to follow the European model. He knows that politically, he has nothing to lose in doing so. Many Labourites are furious at the fact that their party leader made such an apology. Many Labourites are writing on my site asking when is the Caruana Galizia family going to apologize for the insults they received from Daphne. They even mentioned that there were individuals who committed suicide as a result of Daphne’s perfidy.

The political truth is that if the Nationalists disassociate themselves from Daphne, they risk losing even more votes than they have lost so far. But by making such a statement, Robert Abela only risks angering his home base. However, this base is not willing to vote PN.

Therefore, from such an apology, Robert Abela can only gain political mileage in terms of votes, as the Labour supporters will not abandon the party. Perhaps, there will be a few who will disassociate themselves from their party momentarily, but they are not disposed to vote Nationalist.

The prime minister also said that he is ready to compensate the family of Caruana Galizia. Therefore, on the same premise, is the Prime Minister willing to compensate those families whose members have committed suicide because of Daphne’s writings and also those who are still alive and suffering as a consequence of her irrationality?  

Robert Abela is doing the same mistake that Eddie Fenech Adami did when he gave a press conference related to the arraignment of judges.

Besides, with his apology, as a lawyer, Robert Abela should know that by his action, he is backing the ongoing mise-en-scene against Yorgen Fenech, who to date, has not even been called to give his version of the facts after fourteen months in prison.

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