The Best of Bernard Grech to date

The three main English newspapers carried articles about Bernard Grech about his letter to the Prime Minister.

The Times of Malta’s heading on this article was as follows:

Bernard Grech writes to Robert Abela on Daphne Caruana Galizia inquiry. PN leader pledges bipartisan backing to implement inquiry’s conclusions Times of Malta  

Malta Today states that

While the Malta Independent runs:

From these three headings, we are told that Bernard Grech has written a letter to the Prime Minister and is appealing to Government for a ‘quick’ execution of the proposals made by the three judges heading the Board of inquiry,

My question is how does Bernard Grech know that the Board of Inquiry did actually make proposals? Who has given him access to the report?  After all the Board findings could also have been inconclusive or damning enough that, at this point in time, it would be too sensitive for Government to render it public since there are ongoing court cases on the subject as well as in the interest of the law and justice.

What is interesting is that it seems that the leader of the opposition is expecting a quick execution of the proposals oblivious to the fact that whatever the inquiry proposals are assuming that there are rendered public at this stage would only compound the already disastrous ongoing court sessions on the subject. 

All Grech is doing is to pandy to those voters he desperately needs to regain, in the hope that they will rise to the bait and bail him out from his own disastrous situation as Leader of a currently semi- defunct Nationalist Party.

The Best of Bernard Grech to date.

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