A person laments of having suffered from a thrombosis after taking the jab

Blog post by Marica Micallef

It became normal to hear comments on Facebook that the Covid19 jab was taken by so many people and nothing negative happened to them. Therefore, why all this fuss against taking the jab? This is the gist of the first Facebook post wherein the writer is claiming that he or she has never heard of anyone in Malta to have suffered from negative consequences after having taken the vaccine. This brought about the reaction of two replies.

In the first one, it was stated that this does not mean that no one was negatively affected by the vaccine and that it is wrong to state that if nothing happened to you, it means that nothing happened to some else.

Then came the second reply by somebody who has had trouble with his health after taking the jab. This person claims to have suffered from a thrombosis. He wishes good luck to those who did not suffer from any side effects but those who had a negative experience will definitely not recommend it.

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