Why is Matthew Caruana Galizia not a credible witness?

In court on 27th July 2021, we heard what Matthew Caruana Galizia had to say regarding the motive for his mother’s murder. The prosecution – comprising the Police and the Office of the Advocates of the Republic – appear to have believed his version.  Matthew Caruana Galizia stated, under oath, that the reason for the murder of his mother was her investigation into the alleged Electrogas corruption scandal.

In a separate article, I have argued that this contradicts what Jason Azzopardi, the Caruana Galizias’ lawyer, has declared in the past. He said that Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed because of the Montenegro deal. But Matthew Caruana Galizia’s account cannot be believed for obvious reasons. He was reported and here I shall quote Maltese media that

”explains that his mother had published some info, but they both agreed it best to wait to the end of the year and publish everything because this was hot. This also because there was also the chaos of elections and they did not want the elections to detract from what they were going to reveal.”

Therefore, according to Matthew Caruana Galizia, his mother got to know about the Electrogas story before the 2017 election and did not want to publish her story so that it would not be loose its impact amidst election chaos.

But who can believe this? Both Matthew and his mother formed part of the Nationalist strategy team. And Matthew Caruana Galizia needs to be reminded that the entire Nationalist campaign was built on corruption. And now, we are expected to believe that Daphne had such a sensational story on alleged corruption and she did not want to publish it then as it would have had lesser impact, since an election was taking centre stage. Am I missing something?

Matthew must be fully aware that his mother published articles on mere suspicions to inflict damage onto Labour. And now, we are being told that she had such a big scoop but would not publish it, because the intended sensationalism of her story would be lost at that moment because of an election. This is coming from a Nationalist who was on the strategy team. If one has to believe Matthew’s version, then it is clear that neither mother nor son wished to give a helping hand to the Nationalists Party at such an important moment in time. Thus, implying that one of the chief strategist of the PN, Daphne Caruana Galizia, wanted all the glory for herself! Assuming that Matthew is saying the truth then one must really commiserate Simon Busuttil who had such strategists on his team.

However, this does not hold water. Knowing how Daphne operated, she would have used it even if she did not have to full story in hand. Besides she would have gained kudos had she published her scoop during election period. Her image, which let us face reality was notorious, would have definitely improved.  

But the bible of inconsistencies does not stop here.

Matthew Caruana Galizia refers to Yorgen Fenech’s acquittal in America for making use of drugs. In truth, Fenech went to America for medical reasons to rehabilitate himself from his dependency on drugs. Referring to this story, Matthew Caruana Galizia stated under oath that “had his mother still been alive, she would have considered this of public interest and would have taken measures against Fenech in America for making use of drugs“. Look at whose talking!

This is the same Matthew who was caught, during the Nationalist’s administration making use of drugs. One must be really and truly shameless to state that his mother intended writing or taking measures against Fenech’s use of drugs. I doubt she would have, simply for the fact that Matthew was caught using drugs and Daphne rallied to defend him. At the time, the local police force was led by Commissioner John Rizzo. Matthew was charged in court with possession of cannabis and if I am not mistaken, he was conditionally discharged.

The unfairness of our media and the law courts lies in the fact that they allow for Yorgen Fenech’s USA’s charges to be rendered public while the charges against Matthew Caruana Galizia are kept under wraps and cannot be accessed by anybody without the permission of Matthew Caruana Galizia himself.

It is clear that the police and the prosecution are out of their depth in this case having to deal with such perfidy. They either have no clue as to the real motive for Daphne’s murder or else they know the truth but are hell-bent on protecting the true perpetrator or perpetrators.

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  2. Mathew is not at all credible he has been lying about his mum Laptop which its still missing and the court should have arrested him for destroying evidence .

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