My reply to Manuel Delia’s latest blog in which he condemned me to hell

Dear Manuel,

The big divide between us is neither English nor Maltese. It is the basic fact that I try to give a factual analysis while you are insisting on a totally different course of action dictated by your friends who can only spread hatred and venom; twisting facts into non-facts to accommodate their latest cause and your own.

You even did this in the podcast interview you gave Jon Mallia who was so in awe of you that I lost count of the number of times he used “ostia” and to be fair to him, he is not versed enough to actually put questions that could disarm you. 

As for your proposal of hell, I would be happy to accept it should it come from Dante, but coming from you, I am afraid it is water over a duck’s back. Daphne Caruana Galizia sent Dom Mintoff to rot in hell after his demise. Therefore, your theological prediction does not hold water since I shall not be alone in hell as you augur.

So allow each one of us to get along to the best of one’s abilities and may the best man win. Only time can tell. 

With best wishes,

Dr. Simon Mercieca

2 thoughts on “My reply to Manuel Delia’s latest blog in which he condemned me to hell

  1. He’d have you in solitary confinement. In hell, that is eternity. It’s pure venom..:.I suggest you press the ignore button.

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