Another story about the permanent side effects of the Covid19 vaccination

Nicky Azzopardi put up a post on his Facebook page about the need for people to get vaccinated. But what is interesting in this post is that he found time to refer to me.

I will state my position immediately. I am not against vaccination. I have vaccinated all my children. But I am very sceptic and against the indiscriminatory use of vaccines. I do not agree with the way the Health Authorities are applying and administering the Covid19 jab. It should be pointed out that the vaccine is now being given to children when this is still in an experimental phase.

As a person who teaches demography, the history of population has always shown that there is a section of it that is immune to one type of virus or other as well as one type of bacteria or other. Studies about plagues and other pandemics have revealed that there is always a section of the population that has natural immunity from viruses etc. The fact is that when pandemics used to hit a population in the past, a section of it always survived. This has led scientists to work with genealogists to identity what saved these individuals; for in a family there are those who die of a disease and those who survive it. I still remember as a kid, when there was the wide-scale vaccination against TB, this was not administered in an indiscriminatory manner but the jab was only given to those who were not immune to this type of disease. Why has the same process not been used with regard to Covid19? But this is now beyond the scope of my post.

The reason why I am referring to Nicky Azzopardi’s post is that he has sarcastically included my name in his post encouraging people to take the vaccine. Indeed he tells his readers not to behave like Simon Mercieca!. The reaction to his post was interesting. There were a good number of contributions, from both those in favour and those against the vaccine of which brought about quite a number of solid arguments. I will bring up one in particular. This was written by somebody who has taken the vaccine but now, because of the negative side effects he suffered, he is not recommending it to others.

I share the concerns of this man. The concern is based on the amateurish policies adopted to implement the vaccine drive and lack of honest feedback from those responsible which has led to unnecessary concerns among the world population. My fear now is that that a culture will develop in Malta against all vaccines and this should be our real concern because when people will really need them, they will refuse because of the way the Covid19 vaccine has been administrated, while in the process, there are quite a number of businessmen who have ended up lining their pockets.

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