Why does Jason Azzopardi not want to live in Malta?

Jason Azzopardi was reported this morning by LovinMalta to have stated that  

I refuse to live in a country under the yoke of four cheats who, because they have millions stashed away, think they can condition those who are doing our duty to destroy these tentacles of corruption that have their root in Castille.

Where would Azzopardi like to go? To Dubai or some other tax haven republic state or a monarchic state? He has only to pick and choose what best suits his purpose. At least, our country will then return to some form of balanced objectivity instead of having such like individuals intent on drumming their sanctity in a useless attempt to make the citizen out there forget that there is proof of this individual’s blatant lying in court under oath.

Besides, for the sake of reality, this is another bit of information regarding the ongoing saga which directly refers to Azzopardi and his hypocrisy which should now be known. This will reveal, with proof in hand, who is truly the cheat.

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