Does Manuel Delia know that Daphne’s computer contained information that would make Jason Azzopardi blush?

Manuel Delia was interviewed by Jon Mallia and declared the following:

However, I am going to tell you what we need to appreciate and what this country is failing to appreciate and which our political infrastructure is doing its utmost to ensure that nobody realizes which is that in Malta we have the Mafia. We are not inciting nor are we exaggerating nor dramatizing; we are talking about those in politics, in legitimate business, who are employers we admire because they employ individuals and as for the underground criminality which they have created and are happy with and which they committed and repeatedly committed to the point that when they want to get rid of someone, they intimidate, they threaten, they use the law, they use the law courts, the use the corrupt police to intimidate. And should they not succeed they kill him.”     

And according to Manuel Delia:

…Jason Azzopardi is stopping them.”

Are you being serious? Do you know who adopts the tactics you are mentioning? Jason Azzopardi in person and the Caruana Galizia family. Who attempted to shut me up via the law courts? Who tried to accuse me of libel because I said the truth that he had indeed met up with Yorgen Fenech when instead he declares he has never met him? Jason Azzopardi! Who told the courts that I am terrorizing him? This time it was not Jason Azzopardi but his pal the advocate of the Republic Galea Farrugia.

Yet, Manuel Delia continues pontificating and says:

He is not stopping them on his own. However, he is one of the few in the sector from which he comes who is stopping them. And frankly, the fact that he did not feel bound, that because once at some point someone did him a favour, he still stops them and continues stopping them despite that once at some point one of these did do him a favour, I consider this something to be admired and we must protect.” 

Do you realize what you are saying? Did Jason Azzopardi receive only one favour from the Fenech family? I believe you know that the media has already reported that he accepted more than one present from them including the use of the Malta Hilton free of charge. And I can tell you that there are many more favours that still have to be rendered public in the future.

Delia continued:   

Why do other countries like the USA, Italy that have our same Mafia and fight it those individuals who oppose are later eliminated by the same Mafiosi. When Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed that is why they killed her. This, therefore, means that while they killed each other we never paid any attention.  We would have car-bomb attacks every three months and we would say okay a trafficker kills another trafficker. They are doing us a favour. We are spared the expenses of paying the police to look for them. Until Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed. Daphne Caruana Galizia was a state official, she was representing the state. Not a paid state employee but she represented the state who with her journalism was fighting this mafia.”   

I do not know from where you got this info that Daphne Caruana Galizia was a state official. Daphne was a citizen like all of us but this is another matter. She also used her pen to hurt innocent people simply because they were Labourites.

Delia turns to speak about the magistrates presiding the inquiry:  

The magistrate and magistrates presiding the inquiry in this case, in cases of corruption, the prosecutors, the police, the inspector of police whose bosses were the commissioner of police Lawrence Cutajar, the deputy commissioner Silvio Valletta who were dismissed from the police force. Now one of them, Raymond Aquilina is facing criminal charges. These are bent cops. These are the corrupt police. The police officers under them had to go and fight the mafia. Who is protecting them? Who is assuring us that they will not be removed? Who is with them at night? And when we see how vociferous it is. In Malta, we do not have an institutionalized army to fight the mafia. And I give you a few examples. The proceedings against Alfred and George Degiorgio arrested 6 weeks after they killed Daphne Caruana Galizia on the 4th December, 2017, We are in 2021 and we still do not have a date for their jury. We do not know when their case is going to be heard. We do not know when a jury will listen to the case. Think and see Yorgen Fenech’s. Think and look at the Maksar Brothers, etc. etc.  The evidence against Yorgen Fenech is heard in a 3-hour sitting, a 4-hour sitting, once every 3 weeks as though we have nothing to do, Why? Because a magistrate, who is hearing the case frankly knows better than you and I the danger contained in the evidence she is following. From what she is hearing, she knows that though still presumed innocent Yorgen Fenech she reasonably suspects that he has killed. She has, in her hands, the means to send him to prison for life or that, at least, she paves the way that there is a jury to ensure that he goes to prison for life. She does not get up in the morning and says, I am following 400 different cases, all in front of her these cases, but this one is particularly dangerous. Should it be heard in the same manner? In Italy, in the USA where they fight the mafia, there are specific procedures for the mafia. You have an infrastructure of protection for the state officials against the mafia.”

Is Delia aware that this is an investigative court which means that the magistrate, in this case, depends on the Advocate of the Republic and her work is solely that of gathering the evidence of the prosecution and not that for the defence?  If matters are taking so long this is certainly neither the fault of the Degiorgio brothers nor of Yorgen Fenech. Therefore, how can Manuel Delia declare that Magistrate Rachel Montebello already knows that Yorgen Fenech is guilty and she ought to have condemned him to prison for life? Since when do magistrates have the power to send an individual to prison for life? And on what grounds? On the testimony of Melvin Theuma who is worn out by his endless lies and who has now declared that he knows nothing about the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia? Furthermore, does Manuel Delia know that Yorgen Fenech has not even yet presented his defence? And without listening to what the defence has to say, always according to Delia, the Magistrate has already decided on this case? Such declarations are dangerous besides shedding bad light on the Magistrate in question. If I were Magistrate Montebello, I would be hopping mad when I hear such stories about me.  

Manuel Delia should be reminded that after all these months the prosecution has not yet been capable to collate all the evidence, including that from Daphne Caruana Galizia’s computer which we now learn that its data was destroyed on instructions of her immediate family. At this point, I am going to challenge Manuel Delia. Are you aware that Daphne’s Caruana Galizia’s computer had testimony that would have made Jason Azzopardi blush? Was this one of the reasons that, on the family’s instructions, the data was destroyed? 

Daphne’s computer contained remarks concerning this lawyer and how badly he had threatened his wife. As one knows, Daphne Caruana Galizia made it a point to defend those women, who were being taken for a ride by their husbands, as Jason Azzopardi has done to his wife.

Delia continued as follows:

We see the prosecutors who are handling this case and we start seeing the resignation of the prosecutors. Not because they are afraid, but because the state is not protecting them. Because it is abandoning them to themselves to face intimidation and threats. The threats are not coming from below. See online. See commentators, you find a blogger, all right, who writes to discredit the case of the prosecution. Not only does he challenge the evidence of the prosecution, but he also discredits individuals. Just like what you hear about Jason Azzopardi, you hear about the prosecutor as well. You hear about the police and you hear about journalists like me. One would think that we are accusing innocent individuals.  He openly uses their own language. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.  That is how the mafia works by convincing you that it does not exist, ‘la mafia non esiste’.

I do no need to remind Manuel Delia of the case of Enzo Tortora when journalists and the police launched a campaign against him right across Italy and this was all based on untruths. Nonetheless, I know that what Delia is saying he is referring to me even though he does not actually mention my name. Look at me. I am not bothered to address you and mention your name. According to you, Manuel, you keep bragging that you are a journalist, yet others cannot talk about you because when they do, you threaten them.  

If someone feels offended by what I write there is the law on libel. However, as the Italian proverb goes La verita’ offende (the truth causes offence). And in this case, we have seen much lying, destruction of key evidence by the Daphne Caruana Galizia family. Today, I gave you a snippet as to what evidence – amongst many others – was contained in Daphne Caruana Galizia’s computer which was destroyed on instructions of her family.   I here remind Delia how the mafia works. The mafia uses the system known as “depistaggio” tactical manoeuvres to mislead investigators. One sees investigations dragging out for no apparent reason, and this is done also by destroying evidence or by building evidence on false testimony as happened in the case of Enzo Tortora! And in this case, the mafia was assisted by journalists who had been bribed and therefore they were corrupt! 

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