According to Manuel Delia, prosecuting officers are going to resign because they are feeling threatened by my articles

In an interview given by Manuel Delia to Jon Mallia on Lovin Malta it was alleged that members of the prosecution are going to resign because they are feeling unprotected and threatened by what bloggers are writing about them. While Delia did not identify the bloggers Tim Diacono made it a point  to write and I quote

“Although Delia didn’t mention names, he appeared to be referring to university lecturer Simon Mercieca, who has often used his blog to defend Fenech and criticise the prosecution.”

My first point is this. How does Manuel Delia know that there are going to be resignations from the pool of individuals who are prosecuting Yorgen Fenech? Is this not confirming what I have been stating all along that there is a link and a connection between Manuel Delia and members of the prosecution? How does Manuel Delia know about such sensitive information and what is so special about him to gain access to all this information?

Therefore, a senior lecturer at University who only possesses a computer and brains enough to obtain a Ph.D. from the Sorbonne many moons ago is now being accused of terrorizing the whole Police force and the prosecution. This must be a joke of course. 

More importantly, Lovin Malta stated that 

‘Delia stressed that the country must wake up to how Caruana Galizia was killed because the Mafia had managed to infiltrate the state.’

The Mafia and its ilk are to be found everywhere in the world and it is not new to the island as we have seen from our recent history when one of the bosses was caught after many many years, living undisturbed under an assumed name on our sister island which forms part of our archipelago!

Whether the Mafia wanted to kill DCG I cannot tell because I do not know but were Tim Diacono, Jon Mallia and Manuel Delia to follow the footage that I posted a couple of days ago they would wake up and realize how Politics, Mafia and Cosa nostra etc operate when they want to destroy and kill. This footage is referring also to their modus operandi in the USA, the country Delia is using in the interview as an example to justify the ongoing inanities circulating on our island!

Delia is a very persuasive talker but frankly, he is also prepared to mislead both his interviewer as well as the public when for example he is attacking the golden passport issue and declared that Cyprus had stopped selling passports. Where did he get that from? It is not a fact. What is fact, is that Cyprus has withdrawn some golden passports from those who were caught having falsified their credentials and rightly so. It is a fact that the EU would like both Malta and Cyprus to cease selling them but then, all the other EU member states, starting with Austria, would have to follow suit. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. And there is not one country in the world that is pure lily-white when it comes to politics.

As for defending Yorgen Fenech, it is obvious that Delia does not bother to actually read the content of my articles, or rather, he twists them to suit his purposes. On a separate note, the Secret Services has not been able to prove that I am part of the mafia or a Mafioso nor as Delia maintains, am I being paid by Yorgen Fenech! 

The truth and fact remain that Manuel Delia’s cronies – the prosecution – has not yet been able to close, after all these months, the compilation of evidence. This is not Fenech’s fault but the fault of the Police and the Prosecution.

What has been going on till now is enough to make any police officer and prosecuting lawyer want to resign. But how many of them with families can afford to do so?

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