Dingli and Dingli tried to silence me, on behalf of Methode Electronics Malta Ltd for reporting facts

Enclosed I am reproducing a letter received from Dingli and Dingli on behalf of their client, Methode Electronics Malta Ltd on the grounds that I published a blog written by Marica Micallef wherein she reproduced a message left on Facebook by somebody claiming that Methode was harassing its employees to take the vaccine.

On receiving Dingli and Dingli’s letter, I removed the blog because it was never the intention of any of us to do harm to companies operating in Malta. Our intention is only to raise awareness and publish facts.

What saddens both Marica and myself is the fact that we were threatened with legal proceedings by Advocate Mifsud Cachia at Dingli and Dingli for publishing the truth. So correct were we that now we even have a circular letter issued by Methode Electronics Malta Ltd, which I am herein also reproducing, confirming that the original message left on Facebook was nothing but the truth.

What troubles me most is the way lawyers are willing to use high-handed tactics to threaten and frighten individuals into silence when these individuals are stating facts that are not pleasing to their masters.

Just for the record, I want to clarify that I have contacted Dingli and Dingli once I was in possession of the circular letter and have had no response to date.

What is worrying in all this is the fact that lawyers send threatening letters fully knowing that our legal system always favours the powerful against the underdog. In truth, this is another case where the law is being manipulated to the detriment of the ordinary citizen. This is not democracy but pure communism under the guise of liberalism.

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