Repubblika has now reached a nauseating phase since its inception.

Reading Monday’s papers on line and seeing the photo of Repubblika for the umpteenth time declaiming in public its demand for the Commissioner of Police to take action, it dawns on me that it is time for all fringe groups – the gods’ useless gift to humanity – step back and reflect on the gibberish they keep spewing. To keep calling out for the blood of xyz and accusing the Commissioner of Police of failing in his duty and here, a long list of Repubblika’s countless tirades against every Tom, Dick and Harry should be included, but it would be sheer waste of time – goes to show how immature or incompetent these attention seekers have become insofar as they do not even bother to read and/or assess developments and updates. In fact, when these developments are not sweet music to their ears, they become like maggots in their cocoons, voracious as ever and return to their declamations, repeating their attacks on the authorities.

Repubblika has every right to disagree but it has no right to shamelessly keep repeating the same rigmaroles without giving us anything worthwhile to substantiate their plea.

One thought on “Repubblika has now reached a nauseating phase since its inception.

  1. To my surprise, most if not all, all the individuals that they had pictures of and mentioned, follow the same political party. Therefore, I would like to ask whether this so called Republika thinks that them on the other side are all virgins? As Ms. Rosianne Cutajar wrote in her profile, at present there is a criminal case going on at the courts and that is of the Republika’s president’s brother and of none of the individuals that Republika’s president mentioned in his speech; which speech only God knows who wrote it to him!

    I also would like to ask whether Republika’s president Robert Aquilina and his brother Karol declare everything they earn as lawyers to the taxman, before they accuse others? As us Maltese say, “Kull min jolli idejh, ghandu xi ixhom.”

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