Today, the court upheld Peter Gatt’s request for an injunction against MCAST

This morning the Court upheld the request of Dr. Peter Gatt’s lawyer of what is called in Maltese, mandat ta inibizzjoni or prohibitory injunction in relation to his transfer back with the government, which transfer also constitutes an unfair dismissal from his job at MCST. In my opinion, this proves that prima facie, there is a claim that this is a vindictive transfer dismissal as is being claimed by Dr. Gatt. Dr. Gatt had been detailed from the public sector to MCAST. with this decision, Dr. Gatt would be returning back to the public sector to take up teaching duties in a secondary school.

It should be pointed out that the argument used by MCAST was that the school authorities do not need his services despite being the most qualified and experienced lecturer. This is a very dangerous tactic because it can be used with other academic institutions in Malta. It should raise alarm bells for all academics!

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