Christian Peregin: the PN’s new messiah

In his new role as Campaign Manager, Christian Peregin has been sending tweets in English to convince the Maltese voter to start considering the PN as a winning party. What I find intriguing is the reaction that his behaviour is obtaining within the PN. He is presenting himself as a pundit and a new saviour of the Nationalist Party. In a way, he is behaving just like the former political advisor to the UK’s PM, Domenic Cummings before the latter fell flat on his face losing all credibility.

One only needs to read what Bernard Grech had to say at the end of the General Party Conference and the way the Leader addressed staff at Media Link to see what is happening. The message being conveyed is that should the PN bridge the existing chasm, it won’t be thanks to Bernard Grech but to Christian Peregin! Therefore, if that is all it takes, it follows that there was no need to change the leader of the party. All that was needed was for Adrian Delia to change his campaign strategist and the PN’s problems would have been solved. Nothing could have been simpler. Find the media journalist who was dead set against Delia, engage him as campaign strategist at a lucrative salary and hey presto, all Adrian Delia’s troubles would have been over for the mainstream media would have begun singing his praise. But there is one serious snag. Adrian Delia was not prepared to employ mercenaries to do this job. The result is what we know. The mainstream media, prompted by Delia’s adversaries, went all out against him until they finally destroyed his political persona.   

The tragedy we are now witnessing is that these same media pundits, these mercenary media experts who nauseated party members and supporters during Adrian Delia’s tenure as Party Leader, are now in control at Dar Centrali proposing the way to recovery. The only problem is that while doing so they are crafty enough to ensure that they get such a good remuneration that should they fail – which they will – they will have still lined their pockets handsomely.

In conclusion, I am republishing a post written by a colleague of mine at university, Mario Thomas Vassallo, wherein he states:

It is interesting that throughout the whole week of the PN General Council, what was mentioned most was the name of the new Messiah – Peregin.

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