In defence of Dr Jean Karl Soler

Blog post by Marica Micallef

In a country which claims itself to be a democracy, freedom of speech should be the norm.  But if we go back to the assassination of the blogger and mother, Daphne Caruana Galizia, beyond whether one agrees or not with her modus operandi, we know that her brutal assassination was either an attack on Freedom of Speech or a femicide or both.

Now lately, Dr Jean Karl Soler is all over on the local media portals because he is being negated the right to exercise his freedom of speech as a medical professional.  I strongly disagree with this, because people from all walks of life have a right to speak up. I have already written in another blog that doctors abroad were threatened if they spoke up[1]. Are these blogs being predictive?

I need to remark that he is not the only doctor who has been reported to the medical council for his or her stand regarding covid19. There is at least another doctor but his name does not get the attention of the media.

But, it is sad to witness a hype and a public that still wants to be led and be saved, by putting mortals on a pedestal, instead of turning to God and allow Him to lead. And unless humanity turns to God, this won’t end. It is what God is waiting for.

I witness a public which spins around to any statement and is just clinging to every straw.  I would like to remind the public that Dr Soler’s criticism of the government’s measures and mask wearing have also been my criticism in my blogs.[2][3][4] The difference is that the public generally gives more weight to a professional (albeit I am also one), rather than to a normal citizen who speaks up her mind. But this is where the power of the normal citizen lies. The two reasons I write blogs is because I have a true story of a dad who was hospitalised and which proves that the underlying base of “covid19” in his case was inexistent, hence I have the proof; and to speak up for humanity while reserving harsh words of judgment for those who are perpetuating systems of inequality and oppression.

Is the public allowing the God given discernment to guide it to what truly Covid19 is about?  

Dr Soler is of the opinion that “Obviously elderly people should get vaccinated but for children it’s another story because the benefits are much less and then you start thinking of the side effects”. I have already written against vaccinating the children,[5] but I do not agree with the first. But I respect Dr. Soler’s diverse opinion.

I think it is time for the nation to stay united with love, while preparing for what is to come: hyper inflation, shortage of food supply and trust in God.

The power does not lie in the people. The power lies in the individual, especially in that individual who allows God to guide, without putting any other human being on a pedestal.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

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