In defence of all those doctors who are skeptic of Government’s tactics

Lovin Malta had an article wherein it was stated that there is a section in the Maltese population who considers the medical doctor and researcher, Jean Karl Soler, a quack. I don’t know from where they got this information that there is a section in Maltese society, whom Lovin Malta defines as “others”, who say that Jean Karl Soler is a quack.

The word quack, in correct English, means a person who personifies himself as a medical doctor when in actual fact he is not qualified. This does not apply to Jean Karl Soler. He is not only a qualified medical doctor but he is also an academic researcher. Therefore, he is definitely neither a quack nor an idiot.

It is extremely unethical that a Superintendent of Health reports a researcher to the medical council for giving his professional views on an issue of medical importance. Where is freedom of expression in this case? Are researchers now going to be censored for expressing their views?

This is pure Fascism. This happens only in countries and cities like Wuhan, where the Chinese Authorities turned against their scientists and researchers regarding their finding about Covid. However, China is not the only country that tried to shut down scientists. Russia tried to do the same. Charmaine Gauci is adopting measures that are normally found in countries that are either Communist or have been Communist or dictatorial states.

What the Superintendent of Public Health is doing is only adding more chaos to that that currently prevails because of the divergent views that have been expressed by the Ministry of Health. On the other hand, Dr. Soler and others who are hands on in their profession know the reality because they are dealing directly, on a daily basis, with their patients.

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