Government is once again playing with Covid figures

According to Lovin Malta, Minister Chris Fearne has said that we can start caring less about daily COVID-19 numbers if hospital admissions remain Low.

‘Malta is currently experiencing such a spike and the number of active cases reached 1,000 today, but unlike earlier on in the pandemic, the vast majority of the population (over 80%) has now been fully vaccinated.’

Later on today, Lovin Malta has another article stating that are another 222 cases.

If the number of active cases reached 1,222 today can we know whether these are local citizens or are casual visitors including the language students etc? Surely there should be a breakdown of these 1,221. How many are in hospital? How many do not need hospitalization? How many are recovering? Why be so superficial? Clarity please and please do not come up with data protection because it does not apply here.

“We need to wait and see if the current increase in cases will translate into an increase in ITU patients in the coming weeks,” Fearne said. Brilliant statement!

We know why there is a spike because you are saying so Minister Fearne. What is the reason for this spike? Has it been caused by our smarmy administrators who are too keen and quick to pandy to the interests of businesses and big business at that?

Mind you not the small restaurant or bar or hairdresser. Far from it. Together with the intelligentsia which is behind all this mess, our government has blamed the unvaccinated youngsters after promising them also a 300 euro bonus for honouring us with their presence. All that is missing was to also include a bottle of champagne!

To be told that we have another spike on our hands is just mocking us. Isn’t it time that at this point Government comes clean? Malta is a small island. It is neither in Outer Mongolia nor is it a Mega state. Why cannot the Government give us the true facts?

Let it just take the period from lockdown 2020 to May 2021. Is it prepared to give us the simple correct and honest figures of:

  1. the daily admissions at Mater Dei for full blown Covid 19 cases.
  2. The daily admissions of those suspected having Covid 19 and those who did or did not develop Covid 19 while in hospital
  3. How many deaths per day occurred and were certified as Covid 19 or other causes?

Surely this is data that any self-respecting body would be required to keep under normal circumstances the more so when faced with a pandemic

During the interview, always according to Lovin Malta, Fearne also confirmed that Malta has enough booster vaccine doses in stock to see the nation through until 2023, with further studies are necessary to determine when and if they would be needed.

Therefore Dr. Fearne, I conclude with: Can you tell us what is the shelf-life of the booster vaccine in stock, please? Can you guarantee that what you have in stock covers any future variant?

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