Fearne is losing his golden touch

The death of a five-year old girl became the subject of a press conference held yesterday by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health, Chris Fearne. In his address, Minister Fearne used this case to inflict fear in the Maltese population. While he admitted that this case is going to be eventually the subject to a magisterial inquiry, following an autopsy, he still speculated and said that the child may have died of Covid19.

It should be pointed out that Minister Fearne said that when the child was admitted to hospital, she was tested negative for Covid19. A second Covid test was done and this outcome was ‘mildly reactive to the virus’ whatever this means.

Be that as it may, it is despicable that one should resort to a tragic story of five-year old to coerce those who have yet to be vaccinated to get the jab and fear in those who have already taken it. Silence is golden. It would have been far more honorable not to use this case to possibly achieve 100% vaccination of the Maltese population. Fearne should have remained silent on this case until all the legal measures, including the autopsy had been carried out before commenting at all. In so doing, he has unwittingly pre-conditioned all those who may have a say in the final findings that led to this child’s death at such a tender age.

The family, meanwhile, has come out with a plea to stop speculating on their daughter’s death. I agree 100% with them and admire their courage under such circumstances. It must not be pleasant to have to follow such idiotic press conference. Whoever is advising Government needs to go back to school.

I am surprised that Fearne has lost his touch. As a doctor, it is true that one must be tough with oneself against the cruelties of life but that does not give him the licence, as Minister of Health, to make such unacceptable statements in a press conference.

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