Malta Today desperately trying to defend Bernard Grech’s political persona

Malta Today has published another survey which confirms what Vincent Marmara stated a week ago. The Nationalist Party is not making headway and is destined to experience another  political defeat. What is interesting in today’s survey is that it was carried out during the week when the story of Malta’s grey-listing by FATF became public and this survey, in a way, may be taken as a stocktake of Maltese feelings versus our politicians and the party in government.

This survey confirms that this story had no effect on the Government of Robert Abela. It is clear that Abela came out even stronger. What really influenced public opinion was the way Abela dealt with the Covid19 crisis when there was a spike. It was this story that, in the past, brought on the people’s faith diminishing in their Prime Minister.

I will not comment on this point but it is clear that Abela became a victim of the  fake information his government was feeding the public regarding the  cases of Covid19. These reports, aimed at convincing the general public to take the jab, simply misfired and served the purpose of increasing the level of alarm with the general public. This affected negatively on the survey that was carried out in March.

Now, it seems that the public has begun realizing that not everything that was said about Covid19 and its repercussions on the health of a nation is true and therefore, any measures that the Prime Minister may take in this regard, including those taken in these days, wherein tourism opened up again, will not have negative repercussions on his government, even if there will be a spike in numbers of infections.

But let me return to the survey. The survey compared the trust rating between Robert Abela and Bernard Grech. In the comparison carried out by Malta Today, one cannot fail to note that Malta Today is trying to defend Bernard Grech. This time again, the survey did not take into consideration the undecided. Thus, the difference comes to 39K between both parties.

At one point, the article speaks about a fluctuating trust in Bernard Grech. Simultaneously, the journalist of this article admits that Bernard Grech has not yet maintained the same trust rating level that he had in April. Yet, we are told that his trust is a bit higher! With this sort of argument, one can only deduce that the newspaper is trying desperately to defend the political persona of Bernard Grech.

One needs to remember that during the period of his predecessor as leader, each time that a negative survey was made public, a group of Nationalist MPs, strongly supported by the mainstream media, launched a campaign against Adrian Delia to force him to resign. Now the media has fallen completely silent. And not even one newspaper is asking for the removal of Bernard Grech!  

I am one of those who believes that Bernard Grech has now to remain leader of the Nationalist Party until the next election. But from the result of these surveys, I am sure that Robert Abela will be thinking twice to go for an early election as has been predicted. Instead, Abela will drag on a little bit longer for it is clear that the more he stays in office, the more he is strengthening his position as leader of the country and the party rather than becoming weak. This is happening despite all the scandals and adverse political stories that are hitting Malta. 

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