Let’s not forget: Occupy Justice vouched to ruin businesses in Valletta

Robert Aquilina put up two posts to ask me whether I support or not the corruption of the Labour Government. I have answered his question in a long post. Now I have a question for him. Does he support the stand expressed by one of the supporters of Occupy Justice below?

In one of your protests in Valletta, where Occupy Justice was also present and was done in alliance with Repubblika, one of protesters put a post in the name of Occupy Justice affirming they are doing these protests to destroy the Valletta businesses.

Lawrence Vassallo posted the following message on the Facebook page of Occupy Justice Malta, stating:

Thus, continue in this manner and continue ruining businesses in Valletta.

Occupy Justice Malta replied to this post as follows:

This is what we are going do and you can continue defending these criminals that have destroyed Malta’s reputation.

This is a clear affirmation that these protests were done with the intention of harming the businesses community in Valletta. Can Occupy Justice confirm what is stated in the posts below? Will Robert Aquilina disassociate himself from the statement below? The irony of it all is that a major businessman in Valletta was supporting CSN. Let’s not forget that CSN was at the time supporting these manifestations by Occupy Justice Malta in Valletta. This statement by Occupy Justice Malta becomes again relevant after last Monday’s press conference by Repubblika, when Robert Aquilina retorted his pledge that his organization is more than ready to resume demonstrations in Valletta.

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