Had the Health Authorities used a fake story to coerce the non-vaccinated to take the jab?

Blog post by Marica Micallef

Newsbook has published an article[1] confirming what the Times of Malta published earlier [2] – that among those found positive for covid19 are foreign language students who came here to learn English. Newsbook stated that a hotel in Qawra had students quarantined. Both media portals state that these new cases are unvaccinated and foreign arrivals and that they entered Malta with a negative PCR test. Before discussing the fact that the Qawra Palace Hotel denied this story, I wish to discuss another intriguing point.

Isn’t vaccination one of the requirements the authorities said that travellers should need, in particular if they are coming from the UK, to be allowed entry in our country? One may state that these students were not coming from the UK. But the point remains, where is the concern? There were in place strict testing procedures. But again, why hasn’t the need for those travelling to Malta to be vaccinated been adopted on all those coming to Malta? Why have the authorities adopted a piecemeal approach? If the authorities wanted to truly prevent this, why didn’t they permit only those with a vaccine certificate to enter Malta?

Or is this just an excuse, a part of a bigger agenda so that the Minister of Health, Dr Chris Fearne can blame the unvaccinated for the spread of the disease? Health Minister Chris Fearne pointed out that

“the fact that new virus cases were mostly being detected in unvaccinated people showed the need for everyone to get jabbed.”

Won’t this be the true reason why there was such a news about a rise in the number of cases? Is it a case that numbers are being doctored to create a public aversion against those people who opted not to take the vaccine, including pregnant women and those who for medical reasons, cannot take the vaccine? Isn’t this dividing a nation between non-vaccinated and vaccinated, where the non-vaccinated will be pressured, coerced, bullied, and rejected? Will the non-vaccinated have new measures and rules imposed on them?

The Qawra Palace Hotel denied that it had any Covid19 cases. So why has this story been reported in the press? Who gave this story to the press? Is it a case that the authorities are publishing fake news to force the non-vaccinated to take the jab? Chris Fearne came out weak from this whole story, if not lying to the public as finally, such a mistake, even if he is not directly responsible, still reflects badly on his political persona.

[1] https://newsbook.com.mt/en/language-students-quarantined-in-qawra-hotel/

[2] https://timesofmalta.com/articles/view/malta-records-55-new-covid-19-cases-mostly-language-students.885121

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