A nurse exposes abuse in the Health Sector

In a post that Jane Carabott wrote on her Facebook Page, she denounced a whole system of abuse that has existed – and I am sure it still exists – in the Health sector. Carabott was herself a victim of this abuse. She has recently won a court case wherein the local Health Authorities were ordered to pay 7000 euros because of a number of vindictive transfers that she had to endure. Carabott’s post is the following:

Unbelievable but true. Loads of hardship and suffering over a period of six years from the Department of Health, where supposedly we are health promoters! Name it, it’s all there. From turmoil to sexual abuse on the place of work (airport health control clinic). Was left struggling alone, until the MUMN stepped in and from there, I was never left alone until justice was served. Although its not over yet… Follow my example ; be assertive, document everything and be good at work no matter what.

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