Robert Aquilina admits that Repubblika has met with Bernard Grech

Yesterday, Robert Aquilina wrote a lengthy post to state that it was not true that there was a coordination between Repubblika and the Nationalist Party or that a meeting had taken place between Repubblika and the Nationalist Party. In fact, Aquilina told me that ‘pero’ rigward il-fatti qed tmur smerċ waħda sew”.But regarding the stated facts, you are completely wrong”.  This post was written by Aquilina following a previous post on this site, wherein, I published an email revealing that a meeting had taken place between Manuel Delia and Bernard Grech to coordinate the way forward. Readers should also be aware that Manuel Delia put up a post stating that the information, I published in my blog, is false. Delia added that Simon Mercieca is “drunk on the whispers of extremely uninformed individuals”.

Robert Aquilina’s interview yesterday with Lovin Malta confirms that Repubblika did meet Bernard Grech. Therefore, Aquilina has ended up contradicting what he had written in his post and also contradicted Manuel Delia’s statement. This proves that I am not drunk on the whispers of extremely uninformed individuals. On the contrary, my sources are completely reliable and Manuel Delia wrote his piece simply  to distract his readers from the real political situation.

On his part, Robert Aquilina defended himself by stating that it is normal for an NGO like his to meet political leaders. This is true. NGOs like Repubblika should meet political leaders. Therefore, why did he first deny that a meeting had taken place and then admits to have taken place? The point here is that this meeting-cum-luncheon had taken place in great secrecy. This was not reported in the media or on  Repubblika’s website. Since Repubblika claims not to be a political organization but an NGO, it is mandatory that the media is kept informed about such meetings.

The truth is that in their meeting, Repubblika and PN discussed organizing a protest. This too has also been acknowledged by Aquilina when he declares that it is normal for them to meet politicians for lobbying purposes. But why should a straightforward NGO need to lobby?

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