Manuel Delia – “You are ruled by hogwash!”

Manuel Delia put up a blog to state that I had been misinformed when a few days ago, I received the following message:

Circa 1 month ago Manuel Delia met Bernard Grech at dar centrali over lunch to discuss collaboration in organising a protest in July. 

With Delia, there was Micheal Fenech Adami and Ray Bezzina was with Bernard.

Next Monday Repubblika will be organising a protest. 

Coincidence? It shows how Repubblika controls the PN and Bernard and that’s why PN will fail. 

Yours sincerely 

An ex PN supporter.

Manuel Delia considers this piece of information as fake news because he states that

And for Simon Mercieca, drunk on the whispers of extremely uninformed individuals, the subject of today’s press conference or its calling altogether was never discussed between anyone at Repubblika and anyone from Bernard Grech’s office or Bernard Grech in person. Unlike Simon Mercieca we do not take instructions from anyone.”

Therefore, what happened in front of Parliament yesterday? Wasn’t there a protest-cum-press conference addressed by Repubblika’s President Robert Aquilina? Is it sheer coincidence that Repubblika protested on Monday? Are the photographs a photomontage?

What impressed me most in Manuel Delia’s piece is when he writes that, unlike me, he does not take instruction from anyone! On reading this, I remembered an anecdote from St Ġorġ Preca’s life.  

This holy priest once met a man as pompous as Manuel Delia. The man told Dun Ġorġ that he does not take instructions from anyone (Lili”, qallu, “ħadd ma jikkmandani”). The reply was fantastic. “Lilek”, he told him qallut jikkmandak! – A stool instructs you. In simple words, you are ruled by hogwash!

The truth is that as long as the Nationalist Party continues to heed the demands of Manuel Delia and his team, the PN is going to make Labour even stronger. If Bernard Grech does not dissociate himself from Repubblika and kick out anyone who is a member of this group from his party, he is going to crash.

Repubblika has already announced that it is going to resume its anticorruption protests. Repubblika knows full-well that it cannot hold protests on its own. It needs the PN’s structure and support. If these protests are going to resume, and the fact that Manuel Delia found time to reply to my post confirms that this luncheon meeting did take place (and is angry that this was revealed to me by someone within his team), the PN is going to distance itself further from the business community. The business community cannot afford more months of protests with the result that it will focus its anger on the Nationalist Party.

One thought on “Manuel Delia – “You are ruled by hogwash!”

  1. Are you misquoting Dun Gorg?

    Or are you telling your readers that the ‘holy’ Dun Gorg used foul language and allowed others to record it?

    Wow! What an awe-inspiring anecdote!

    Someone’s got a screw loose.

    Your readers will figure out who, to be sure.

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