Women reported that the Covid19 vaccine has adversely affected their menstrual cycle


Blog post by Marica Micallef

The local media has admitted that many women have seen changes in their menstrual cycle after being vaccinated. Lovin Malta has reported that many women reported the changes they have noticed to their ONCE REGULAR periods. The symptoms ranged from “some women experiencing much heavier periods than normal to other women suddenly having a period following years of not having one.”

The same media portal reported that “A majority of those who said they had noticed changes reported experiencing heavier bleeding than usual” with women in other countries reporting similar symptoms. “Data from the UK shows that more than 4,000 women have reported changes to their cycle since receiving a COVID-19. Of these, 2,734 were linked to the AstraZeneca vaccine, 1,158 the Pfizer jab, while just 66 were linked to the Moderna vaccine.”

Lovin Malta sought the advice of Professor Mark Brincat, the former director of the Obstetrics and Gynaecology department at Mater Dei Hospital, who stated that this is normal, adding that “any impact on the menstrual cycle was likely to be temporary”.

At the same time, Professor Brincat did admit that there is a link between changes in the women’s menstrual cycle and the immune system! In other words, there is a belated admittance that the vaccine had or is affecting the menstrual flow of some women. Perhaps, one would argue that the numbers of those negatively affected are low and the benefits outweigh the risks. But is it normal that people start to know about the negative effects that a vaccine may carry after they have been inoculated and not before? Why are the mainstream media reporting these side effects now and not before? Is it normal that women who have gone through menopause and are not taking any medication, start seeing it again? Is there something abnormal in here?

What is worrying here is that the medical world is admitting that these vaccines are affecting negatively our bodies. Perhaps those affected a few, but still, I believe people have a right to be informed about the pros and cons so that they can make an informed decision.

Lovin Malta was not the sole media that is now carrying articles questioning the vaccine. In an article on the same subject in The Times of Malta, Chiara Frendo-Balzan, a gynecologist, at Willingness Clinic, said that she

“has received at least three messages a day from women who have noticed a delay or abnormality in their period after taking a covid-19 vaccine”, also justifies late menstrual cycles after taking the covid19 vaccine and that it is pretty normal.  As a woman myself, I strongly say that there is nothing normal in experiencing late menstrual cycles.  A late menstrual cycle shows women what is wrong with their body – unless they are expecting a baby! And whether it is stress or illness or dieting or a vaccine which is causing the delay, then something is wrong!

It is important to note that the Times of Malta has admitted that in the preparation for the covid-19 vaccine appointment, the health authorities have “not provided any information on whether the vaccine could affect women’s periods”.

Why aren’t women being informed that they might experience changes in their menstrual cycles? Doesn’t this show that this was a side-effect which the authorities and pharmaceutical companies do not know about? And how many other side effects are they unaware of?

This is the scope of my articles. I do not want to sound alarmist. What I want is that each and every citizen has all the information. Unfortunately, the government and the health authorities in Malta did not give all the information about the vaccine. Women have a right to information about anything that causes their bodies not to act normally!

I firmly believe that this lack of information gives rise to concerns. At least, now the media is starting to speak and those who aired their worries are no longer seen as conspiracy theorists. At least, women are starting to be informed that if there are any, even if few in number, whose body is sending signals that something is not right, they can know the reason why and seek medical advice.

I send healing energy to all the women experiencing such side effects after their vaccination.