How the Times of Malta manipulates news

Yesterday the FATF officially announced that it grey-listed Malta and among the reasons given there was the fact that FATF took into consideration what the Maltese media were publishing on their portals!

This is extremely unfair and irrational when everyone knows that most of the mainstream media publishing in English is anti-government and affiliated with a notorious and corrupt gang within the Nationalist Party.  A number of journalists hashtag foreign entities to make sure they read their biased articles. We had two examples on Saturday 26 June 2021. One was already reported on this site and concerned an article published by the PN’s newspaper In-Nazzjon in which Pierre Lindh was mentioned and quoted as to what he said about the FATF report.  In this article, there was a reference to what Pierre Lindh said about the FATF report. In fact, Pierre LIndh has disassociated himself from what has been quoted about him in the media and goes to prove how the PN media manipulated Lindh’s words to suit its agenda. Indeed Pierre Lindh reacted and resorted to Facebook to denounce such manipulation of facts. Incidentally, Pierre Lindh is an IGaming director operating in Malta.

Pierre Lindth said that it was not the government’s fault that Malta got grey-listed. But this was not what In-Nazzjon reported. In-Nazzjon made it sound as though  Pierre Lindh had made a statement in which he gave a totally opposite account and blamed the government for what had happened. Politely, Peter Lindh has stated that In-Nazzjon had fabricated and published a complete lie. Yet an umpteenth attempt by the PN has backfired. But nevertheless, it still sent signals to the Igaming operators that the PN intends to destroy this sector. It should be pointed out that the PN media is led by Alessandro Farrugia.

We then have the second reaction of another person, who denounced that their article given to the Times a couple of weeks ago had also been manipulated and deliberately sent a  completely different message to the original contents..

But why was Malta grey-listed? The answer to this question requires an analysis of the three countries that were behind the greylisting of Malta that is the U.K., the USA, and Germany. These countries are hubs of money laundering. What can be stated with certainty is that Malta’s foreign office did not support Britain’s Brexit deal. On the contrary, there were those greedy manipulators who saw in Brexit an opportunity to attract the IGaming sector that was operating in London.

What can be said is that the Nationalists had lobbied incessantly for Malta to be grey-listed in the hope of bringing the government down.  Now those who have been supporting the PN in these efforts are realizing that they killed the goose that was laying the golden eggs.  A number of PN lawyers, who were earning good money from our Financial Services are realizing that they are the ones who have ended up being hit by the measures that Malta has to implement in order not to still be on the grey list next year.   These lawyers have been benefitting substantially by setting up shell companies in Malta amongst their other services. They have been brazen enough to cry foul play when they were those benefitting most from our existing laws and ineffective enforcement.

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