Jason Azzopardi: the dying swan of the Nationalist Party

Tim Dacono’s report in Love in Malta carrying the footage of Jason Azzopardi ranting in Parliament on 23rd June 2021 should be commended.

Azzopardi’s performance was probably one of his best to date. Pity though that he is so lost that all he can do is mention as many names as possible like a person looking them up in some old address book or in the Yellow Pages and then just mouthing them off ad nauseam for lack of anything worthwhile to say. Unfortunately, he forgot one name that had been frequently mentioned by the opposition and Daphne Caruana Galizia’s supporters. He was accused of being the man behind Malta’s corrupt state – that is Keith Schembri.

Jason Azzopardi is too besotted and cocksure of himself that were he to step back and watch his performance on Thursday he would realize what a spectacle he made of himself and the harm he is doing his party. Watching Azzopardi gesticulate in the footage in question reminds one of the last moments of the Dying Swan on stage with one  unique difference; Azzopardi lacks both the elegance or the eloquence of a swan and more so that of The Dying Swan.


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