My posts on Facebook censored

I have been receiving a number of complaints from my followers because they cannot access my posts on my site from Facebook. The problems are varied and do not concern all my readers. For example, I can access my post from the Facebook page, if I use my computer, but I can no longer access my page on WordPress through Facebook from my mobile.

Moreover, I have been receiving various messages. The one below shows that at first there was an attempt by Facebook to invite viewers to leave my page. When this attempt failed, Facebook started blocking the users to access my site on WordPress site through my personal Facebook Group. To access it, you need now to be knowledgeable in managing cookies.

No doubt, there is some imp very strong behind all this. I cannot understand why my political analyses are being censored when other sites on Facebook do not get such treatment. I don’t think that I am infringing Facebook rules because I ensure that what I publish is factual and real.

This goes to show how powerful hypocrite certain individuals are, who on one hand preach about freedom of the press and that in Malta there is no rule of law, and on the other hand, when the music is not pleasing to their ears, they seek to apply the breaks so that their agenda is not toppled.

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