Complaints from Maltese whose health deteriorated after taking Covid19 vaccine

Blog post by Marica Micallef.

I am attaching a conversation that took place on Facebook. This conversation shows the side effects that these people are complaining of suffering from after taking the Covid-19 vaccine. They complain of fatigue, being breathless and huge migraines. They all agree that the vaccine has ruined their lives and their health. Those making these claims are Ms. Lorraine DeBrincat and Ms. Daniela Dalli. They also state that before taking the vaccine, they were both healthy and used to do exercise. Now, after having taken the vaccine, their healthy lifestyle has been brought to a halt.

It is sad to read such comments. There is no doubt that they are genuine. This should not be the case, The norm should be that after taking a vaccine, one should feel stronger and healthier. I wish to point out that these are not senior citizens whose age is having its toll on them. 

Since when did some people decide who is worthy to live or not? If that old person is your father, mother or any other relative would you say so?

Since when did some people decide that it is normal to suffer side effects after taking the vaccine? By doing so, aren’t the Health authorities admitting that vaccines do cause damages? If this damage was caused to your relative, whatever he or she is young or old, would you continue supporting the taking of vaccines?

There is no doubt that people applauded this mass vaccination because of social conditioning by Big Pharma. But is this right?

I send a lot of healing energy to the Maltese fellow citizens and to others who are going through similar experiences because of the Covid19 vaccines. You are in my heart.

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