Employees vexed by their employers regarding their refusal the vaccination should write a letter on the lines here under

Blog post by Marica Micallef

All those who are going through an injustice at their workplace simply because they are refusing the Covid-19 vaccine should unite and react. One of the actions to counter act this form of bullying is send a protest letter to their employers. For this reason, I am inviting all those, who feel have been, or a being discriminated at their place of work to copy and paste the letter below and send it to their employer. Those who wish to follow this advice are invited to make any changes that might wish to make to the letter below according to their particular exigencies.

Dear ______________,

This letter being written as result of the latest measures taken against me for having refused the Covid-19 vaccine.

I wish to state that if Government is resorting to discriminatory practices against some of its citizens, it does not follow that private employers behave the same with their employees.

After consulting and taking legal advice, I am here explaining why I made such a choice.

  1. The Maltese protocol regarding Covid19 does not state that people who do not take the vaccine have a legal duty to inform colleagues who are vaccinated that they have not taken it. Health is a private matter and it is unethical for me to disclose any personal health matters and decisions.
  2. The same holds for wearing masks at all times.  The Health Authorities so far have indicated that vaccinated individuals can remove the mask when outside and alone or accompanied with one other vaccinated person. However, mask mandate still applies to indoor contexts, whether the staff members are vaccinated or not. As in the article by “The Times of Malta” [1]: “Masks will remain obligatory for groups of more than two people or in settings involving a person who is not yet vaccinated, as well as while inside public buildings, shops or other establishments.”

(Those who are exempt from wearing the mask or would like to be exempt, kindly add this note):  In addition, kindly find attached together with this letter a medical exemption as to why I cannot keep on wearing the mask. I will wear a visor instead.

Also, the vaccinated should feel protected with the vaccine, so there is no way that the unvaccinated colleagues can infect them. And with the health authorities stating that Malta has reached herd immunity, then this automatically states that all the nation is protected.

  • I wish to remind that those employers who will be forcing their employees to take a PCR test every week to show up at work, will still not be conclusive. The World Health Organisation (WHO), which had approved these PCR Tests way back in the beginning of this pandemic, has issued a statement, on the 14th of December 2020 that the tests HAS TOO MANY FALSE POSITIVES AND THAT THE TESTS HAVE A PROBLEM![2]
  • I also find that these decisions are being implemented without any prior and proper dialogue with the employees who are not yet or who do not wish to be vaccinated.
  • Regarding the colleagues who are vaccinated, I would like to draw the attention that although “experts say that the vaccines have proven to be highly effective at preventing serious disease, THE RESEARCH ISN’T CONCLUSIVE YET ON HOW WELL VACCINES STOP TRANSMISSION OF THE VIRUS”.[3] So, considering that those who took the vaccine can still transmit the virus, then there is no guarantee that the unvaccinated are protected.

I would also like to draw your attention that any measure taken in my regard also go against Resolution 2361 (2021) of the EU Parliamentary Assembly on the ethical, legal and practical considerations on Covid-19 vaccines, especially points 7.3.1 and 7.3.2 ((https://pace.coe.int/en/files/29004/html) which state:

7.3.1: “ensure that citizens are informed that the vaccination is NOT MANDATORY and that no one is under political, social or other pressure to be vaccinated if they do not wish to do so”;

7.3.2: “ensure that no one is discriminated against for not having been vaccinated, due to possible health risks or not wanting to be vaccinated”.

Profs. Gauci herself had also said that Covid-19 vaccines are not mandatory. Kindly refer to this article by “Times of Malta”[4] (https://timesofmalta.com/articles/view/covid-19-vaccination-will-not-be-mandatory-but-it-is-important-gauci.834361).

I conclude that any employee who is discriminated upon the personal decision of whether to take the Covid-19 vaccine and any other vaccine which might be imposed in the future, breaches also various articles of the Fundamental Human Rights. Article 5 states that “An intervention in the health field can be carried out only after the interested party has given free and informed consent to it. This person must receive adequate information in advance about the purpose and nature of the intervention, as well as its consequences and risks. The interested party can FREELY REVOKE the consent at any time” while Article 7 adds that “No one shall be subjected without his free consent to medical or scientific experimentation”.[5]

Article 2 also states that “The interests and well-being of the human being will PREVAIL over the exclusive interest of society or science.

Yours truly,

[1] https://timesofmalta.com/articles/view/malta-has-reached-herd-immunity-health-minister-says.874234

[2] https://principia-scientific.com/who-finally-admits-covid19-pcr-test-has-a-problem/

[3] https://www.healthline.com/health-news/if-youre-fully-vaccinated-you-probably-dont-need-to-quarantine-if-exposed-to-covid-19

[4 https://timesofmalta.com/articles/view/covid-19-vaccination-will-not-be-mandatory-but-it-is-important-gauci.834361

[5] https://opinionfront.com/list-of-human-rights

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