The third and the last part of Dr Karl Soler’s interview on Covid-19 explaining why the authorities are abusing power

As I stated in a previous email, the third part of the interview of Dr. Karl Soler has been censored by YouTube. If one hears Dr. Soler’s interview, one understands why this interview was censored because Dr. Soler states that masks are practically ineffective and they are not recommended for healthy people. Who would like to learn more about the use of masks, should follow this interview with Dr. Soler.

The questions that Dr. Soler answers are the following:

Is there any scientific reasoning for wearing masks, especially outdoors and when one is alone, to decrease the spread of Covid19?

And if there is no reason, why are the health authorities making pressure on the population to take the vaccine and continue to wear masks outside at all times?

Was it a right decision to close schools to decrease the spread of covid19?

What is the collateral damage done by lockdowns? What do you believe is the average excess death resulting from lockdown?

Should restrictions be removed at a faster rate than currently being done? When should all restrictions be lifted?

What Dr. Soler is stating is that the local authorities have been abusing their powers and imposing restrictions on people when they knew that there was no such need. In fact, the authorities have never declared a state of emergency!

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