YouTube censored the third part of the interview with Dr Soler

The third and last part of an interview with the physician and lecturer, Dr Jean Karl Soler conducted by Kurt Drago was censored by YouTube. This interview with Dr. Soler was about Covid19. It was divided into three parts. All the three parts were uploaded on YouTube. But somebody did not appreciate what Dr Soler had to say about Covid 19 and the vaccines in the third part of the interview. While the first two parts are still on YouTube, the third part was removed. Although Dr Soler is a medical doctor and therefore, he is a well-informed person on the matter, still YouTube considered that what he had to say was anti-social or harmful to society. This is the reason why YouTube removes contents from its platform.

This goes to show how afraid the authorities are and they do not want the citizens to have different views on the matter because it will be revealed that they have been deceived. In other words, the arguments that the authorities are making are not always scientific. This the only reason why authorities are afraid of diverse views because they expose their falsehood. This is why censorship is exercised. The only reason why censorship is applied is because those in favour of it do not want the whole truth to come out. In other words, the authorities do not want the citizens to realize that they have been lying to them. Else they would not have been afraid of what Dr Soler has to say on the matter.

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