Another death as a result of the vaccine. Why does the mainstream media not report the deaths that are being caused by the anti-covid19 jab?

Blog post by Marica Micallef

What follows is another comment that someone put up stating that he had lost a friend because of the vaccine. This is another story that has not been followed by the mainstream media. In this comment this person stated that:

It is a pity that we have come to such a state. The media can be very influential and readers are not to blame if they believe the articles it publishes. After all, they think that journalists are making their research and being neutral. It is not the case. If it were the case, the media will publish the good and the bad about the anti-covid19 vaccines. It will not only publish stories that encourage people to get vaccination but also stories about the injuries that these same vaccinations are causing. My questions are: “Why doesn’t it do so?” “Was it given instructions by high up, not to do so?” “Is it being threatened?” “Was it bribed?” “Or is it getting funds by those who have no intention to tell humanity the whole truth?”


  1. Are you seriously taking a Facebook comment as newsworthy evidence? What’s next? Will you write an article about flying spaghetti monsters if I wrote a comment about how I saw one flying in the sky?

  2. Will you write a blog post about a flying spaghetti monster if I wrote a Facebook comment saying I saw one?

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