The second part in a series of three interviews with Dr. Jean Karl Soler about Covid19

In this part of the interview, Dr. Soler answers the following questions:

2) Why has there been a complete disregard of natural immunity from the health authorities? Also, how long should immunity last when one recovers from covid19?

3. How long does vaccine-induced immunity last? Why is probably use of booster shots constantly being mentioned? Therefore, why are people being indirectly forced to take a vaccine through discrimination (such as still wearing masks outside and vaccine passports) if herd immunity has been reached?

4. Does a test exist where people can check whether they have recovered from covid19? If yes, what is this test called, and is it being used in Malta? Why aren’t people being screened to see whether they have recovered from covid19 before taking a vaccine?

5. In your expert opinion, which age groups would you highly recommend taking the vaccine? Whilst which age groups do you believe would not benefit from taking a vaccine? Obviously, I believe that everyone should be free to make his own medical decisions and not be discriminated against.

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