When will the local media publish the other side of the vaccine stories?

Blog post by Marica Micallef

Our local media keeps on reporting one-sided stories of the Covid-19 propaganda. Times of Malta has recently published an article of a story of Peter Medawar about his experience with the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine [1]. Mr. Medawar does not deny that he was feeling tense for the second shot – in his own words: “I felt more wound up about the second jab. Just get it over with, I was thinking. I’ve never liked needles, and heard the second dose of Pfizer had stronger side effects than the first shot.” He also states that the nurse had told him, “Expect aches, fever, and tiredness,” symptoms which he felt throughout the night. A text of a friend of his also confirmed that this vaccine does it. The only explanation that “science” has for these symptoms is that it means that the vaccine is working.

If when our body is sick, it gives us signs by having symptoms, and in order to get it back to its healthy state, which means, NO SYMPTOMS AT ALL, we need to rest, drink water, eat well, with some of us resorting to medicine, can “science” now explain how come the body gets sick with vaccines? If it is getting sick with a foreign substance being injected into it, doesn’t it mean that the body is giving signs that something is wrong?  So how come “science” justifies these symptoms with the statement that vaccines are working, with people repeating and believing this like parrots?

Thankfully, Mr. Medawar ended his story on a good note stating that although the second Pfizer dose made him feel lousy, the nausea was short-lived.  My concern still is, will the side effects of these vaccines show in the near future? Do we have any proof that these vaccines won’t cause any side effects in a few months or years’ time? The answer is no.

And what if Times of Malta interviews this Maltese lady whose comment shows completely the opposite of all stated by Mr. Medawar? In her comment to a post by Dr. Alfred Sant, Ms. Maris Micallef speaks that she took the vaccine and she is still unwell. In her words, “marrditni”, meaning “it got me diseased”.

She admits that the people are being brainwashed and that politicians are supporting the New World Order. Her powerful statement, that people are being poisoned with the vaccine (“qed jivvalenaw lin-nies bil-vaccin”) discloses her pain and what she feels was done to her. Personal experiences are powerful and these experiences are a proof of the reason why people are refusing the vaccine.

Ms. Maris Micallef also states that when it comes to the vaccine, the government is using discriminatory practices, coercing people to take it. If not, there will be limitations imposed.

So while I send Ms Maris Micallef healing energy and telling her that she is in my prayers, I would like to ask the government what is it going to say to her and when will the media publish these kind of stories too.

I would also like to encourage those Maltese who are still suffering from severe side-effects from the Covid-19 vaccines weeks or months after taking it or those whose loved ones perished after being administered the same vaccine, to speak up.

[1] https://timesofmalta.com/articles/view/my-second-pfizer-jab-really-wiped-me-out-peter-medawar.876311?fbclid=IwAR28TKNSvCh-OK2_l6xFMo3_3yyI2KGIAqqvec16EmeP2A5s3kiZK5Uc7KA

2 thoughts on “When will the local media publish the other side of the vaccine stories?

  1. They never have and they never will. You people have been asleep for a long, long time. If you think this is just about COVID? Think again. Here is a rehash of an article I wrote after trying to work with a local paper . I’ve tried talking to more.

    Wake up and smell the garbage being thrown at you.

    My Response to “New Rules on Vaccine Exemptions Sought” Take 2

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