When the Simpsons predicted the future

Blog post by Marica Micallef

To talk of a cartoon whose episodes come true years later might seem surreal.  And yet, this is the case of the Simpsons.  There are many times when the Simpsons predicted the future and, they also predicted Covid-19 back in 1993!  Here is the episode:

And here is how the Simpsons predicted 2020:

Did the writers and directors of the Simpsons have a globe where they could see the future and what was ahead? Were they predicting the future or were they creating the future? Were they showing us what was being planned behind our backs?  Did they have leakages of information? Was it predictive programming? Were such episodes sneak peeks of what was being planned?

Isn’t it scary to come to the realisation that all this has been planned beforehand, behind humanity’s back, while it was busy working to earn a living? Isn’t it scary to know that others were planning our fate?

Yes, it is scary. Yet I believe that everything we want is on the other side of fear. If we succumb to the feeling of fear, helplessness, and tension, we will be on a low energetic vibration, which is what THEY want. By speaking about freedom and love, thinking about freedom and love, I firmly believe that what was targeted against humanity, will turn against the perpetrators.

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