Are the governments itching to get us locked up again?

Blog post by Marica Micallef

The Times of Malta already started reporting that as soon as gyms and pools reopened and restaurants extended their hours, there were two new virus cases. [1] Dr. Fearne is also making sure that he continuously reminds us that the pandemic is still on around the world. In a press conference, he stated that other countries are still battling the pandemic where it is still at its peak since they are behind in the vaccination roll out.  [2]

The World Health Organisation has also claimed that international travel should be avoided to prevent pockets of transmission quickly spreading into “dangerous resurgences”[3] and Hans Kluge, the WHO regional director, is reported saying that “The pandemic is not over yet. Increased mobility and interactions may lead to more transmission … In the face of a continued threat and new uncertainty we need to exercise caution and rethink or avoid international travel.” Then why did they come up with the vaccine passport? Why did Prime Minister Dr. Abela appeal to the public to get their Covid-19 vaccine, saying that without it, TRAVEL and certain public events would likely be off-limits?[4] Why the message given is “No Vaccine, no Travel” when the WHO itself is not advising travel to happen?

Are they, by any chance, through all the above hints, itching to get us locked up again? Are they aware that via tourism, there will be more transmission, which will lead to another lockdown? Is this the main drive behind countries accepting tourists?

It has already been reported in the British mainstream media that the Environment Secretary George Eustice said the government “can’t rule out” having to reintroduce local restrictions to get on top of surges in the infection rate.[5][6][7] This is because apparently, ministers are worried about the emergence of 34 hotspots, like Hyndburn in Lancashire, where the number of new cases is running at twice the national average or where the rates are very high.

Does this mean that local lockdowns could be brought back to tackle Covid-19 hotspots? Wasn’t the UK running ahead with the vaccine roll out? Isn’t it reaping results? Can someone tell me why aren’t lockdowns now a thing of the past, when we are told that a lot of people have been vaccinated? Weren’t the nations promised a return to normality with the vaccine? Surely, lockdowns are not part of this normality! And Malta? Is a lockdown in the near future a possibility for Malta? Is it on our government’s plan or a side-plan which the government will resort to?

Didn’t I warn the public in my blog[8] of April 2nd that “In my opinion, lockdowns won’t end anytime soon, because the vaccine currently being administered has been authorised for emergency use only. If lockdowns end, they will be unable to administer the vaccine because the emergency would end with it. So, I expect to see more lockdowns worldwide”. How can boosters be administered if lockdowns end? Are you connecting the dots?

Would it be apt to state that lockdowns are one of the measures which turn COVID into an abbreviation for Control, Oppress, Victimise, Isolate and Divide?









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