Where has the Catholic Church in Malta ended up with her humanity?

Today, two newspapers, The Times and Newsbook, reported that Adrian Hillman ended up in prison because the banks were closed over the weekend. Hence, he could not transfer the money required to bail him out. This is extremely ridiculous and unfair on Hillman. Or any other accused. However, these two newspapers, instead of high lightening the anomaly, wrote an article informing the public that Hillman ended up behind bars; as though the reader should rejoice when reading such news.

This brings to mind the work of the French philosopher, Michele Foucault regarding Europe’s punitive society. Foucault developed these ideas in a series of lectures he gave at the College de France in 1973. Foucault realized that future society would be one that wants to penalize the culprit (alleged or otherwise) at all cost – even when he is still presumed innocent as no trial has yet taken place. He linked this to Protestant ethics.

What is astonishing is that the Catholic Church in Malta has ended up embracing this Protestant vision. Where are the Acts of Mercy that children had to memorize? One of the acts of mercy recommends the faithful to go and visit those in prison. This was one of the acts of kindness. Now, the media of the Catholic Church in Malta takes pleasure in the fact that a man has ended behind bars!

I was one of those who, in the past, had criticised Hillman for his relationship with Keith Schembri and my article was even censored by the on-line editor of the Malta Independent. Here, what I am criticizing is the Catholic Church for publishing articles which only serve to highlight that her journalists do not even know the basic teachings of Catholic Christian Doctrine. Their only interest, instead, is to enter the turf of the cultural wars, which Foucault had warned us to avoid because they contain many pitfalls.

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